NBL Age Reverse Activation Night CREAM

NBL Age Reverse Activation Night CREAM is a cream that helps reduce wrinkles ,rejuvenate all of skin types It is a product that is rich in nutrients that are essential to the skin .Guaranteed by the Nobel Prize-winning research with special properties from concentrated extracts of lotus seeds .Helps  to stimulate the body to accelerate the destruction of dead skin cells. To reveal a new and younger skin that gently

Combination of  SWT-7 stem cell ,extracts from plants found in the Himalayas which is the only technology currently able to treat vertical perpendicular wrinkles ,and CIC2 stem cells from French sea cumin. That helps to keep the skin healthy ,reduce wrinkles, restores youthful, smooth, soft, moist skin, and revealing clear skin from the inside out. In addition to firm skin ,helps to increase skin elasticity and keep the skin moisturized.

NBL Anti-Aging transforming Eye CREAM

NBL Eye Care Anti-Aging Eye Cream Is a cream with a mixture of lotus seeds and the smallest vitamin C particles (Ascorbic acid L-Form), CIC2  It help to reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Helps to improve the bags under the eyes look better . Stimulates the production of collagen to soften the skin and contains substances that inhibit muscle contraction. Therefore it has the same effect as the process of Botox but more gentle, so it is not harmful to the skin around the eyes

NBL Anti-Flamming and soothing Day CREAM

NBL Day Care Cream and Soothing Day Cream Is a day cream that contains ingredients that help to protect against UVA and UVB rays that are responsible for attacking the skin. Contains EGF ingredients to help to keep the skin healthy , is a protective shield  for the skin. Reduce the work of melanin skin (Pigment cells) that causes dark spots to diminish. Improves skin protection and relieves skin discomfort, increases moisture to make healthy skin and relieve tired skin from working effectively.

Refreshing the skin. Helps to soften the skin. Combining biotechnology which can reduce the adhesion of PM2.5 skin, prevents and reduces damage caused by pollution .Protects skin cells from urban pollution and prevents premature aging, reduces irritation.

This special cream is a skin cream with both sunscreen and foundation with three-phase coating technology  that can protect PM2.5 and Blue-ray  . So it is considered as the highest quality skin cream in the skin care industry.

NBL Exfolliating deep clean GEL

NBL Exfolliating deep clean GEL is a deep cleansing gel that cleans the face and also helps to treat skin  in 2 ways  :  to help soften skin cells and  help to  retain water for the skin .Thus making the skin soft and moist. Therefore you can use it everyday

NBL Cyber billiant Serum

Using the extracts from sea cumin stem cells in France That helps in wound  healing , making scars to fade ,reduce the production of melanin skin, adjust the balance of the skin to brighten and reduce scars. This serum also helps the skin to get complete nutrition ,can slow down the wrinkles on the face as well The 20 kg of sea cumin can only extract 1 gram of CIC2.

NBL Soothing moisturing TONNER

Helping to solve the problem of redness from allergies on the face, preventing UV rays that hurt the skin and also reducing dead skin cells. Skin exfoliation and build a protective barrier to keep the skin strong for the next step of treatment. This toner is a  mixture of  Hyalauronic acid.

NBL Whitening Serum

NBL Whitening Serum Is the smallest vitamin C (Ascorbic acid L-Form) so it can penetrate the skin well Helps to stimulate the production of collagen beneath the skin and  the wound healing process .Reduces wrinkles, freckles, and dark spots. Adjust the rough skin to be soft, naturally moisturized. Helps to protect the skin from UV damage. Use the NBL Whitening Serum as a night cream. However, people with sensitive skin and acne should not use

Golden Deep Hydrating Mask

Innovation from Japan that brought cotton to produce as a face mark, along with tri-peptide serum .Anti-allergic that  increasing skin strength and nourishing the skin from Hyaluronic acid Helps to prevent dry skin and keep  the skin stable and look younger, elastic and soft .Gloden Deep Hydrating Mask is aalso contains a group of natural vitamin B5 that helps to nourish the skin to be bright and radiant glow, Inside to the outside.

NBL Oligopeptide-1 Serum

Skin nourishing and repairing serum for sensitive skin, containing EGF, Hyaluronic Acid, Yeast extract which helps to strengthen the skin ,is a protective barrier against the skin from environmental hazards while helping to retain water for the skin.

NBL Intensive moisturizing & Calming Lotion

Nourishing the skin, specially formulated for the skin, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid make the skin moisture. ANTARCTICINE is an Antarctic microorganism protein, NEUTRAZEN ™ is a peptide that protects and reduces inflammation of sensitive skin, DELISENS ™ .Helping to protect the skin and make the skin stronger. Therefore, this skin lotion helps to balance the water and oil for the skin, such as dehydrated skin in the winter. This lotion will balance the skin with moisture. Keep the skin balanced.

NBL Platinum Crystal Serum/CREAM

This product in this set contain with  platinum extracts thus allowing the product to penetrate into the skin well and also passed the safety test in people from the hospital in France. The intensive skincare set was passed BIO Alternatives S.A.S testing in 7 points , consist of  eye allergies ,body allergic testing, light sensitivity,  the absorption into the body, the nature of the substance and allergic reactions of sensitive skin test with light to find toxicity. Found that there are 7 safety aspects.

AMINO-GLYCO KVIAR is rich in omega-3 essential amino acids, calcium, selenium, magnesium that are necessary for the formation of skin cells. It also contains vitamins ADE and B12 to help restore skin, also classified as a strong antioxidant that helps to control the skin’s immune system and   helps in the synthesis of DNA as well.