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IV Nutrition : Boost Healthy Skin with Vitamin C

Vitamins is essential nutrient the body needs to stay healthy. Getting the appropriate amount of vitamins will make your skin shiny and brightening, also help to boost your immune  system with antioxidants that is a protective barrier against aging of cells .Vitamin, especially vitamin C ,is not only helping various body systems works efficiently ,but also  nourishing  the skin to be brilliant, increasing  the sun’s resistance to the skin ,reducing inflammation and healing wound faster , that is  why  vitamin C as an antioxidant  component helps the skin  look  radiant naturally.

The medical community has applied to use Pure Vitamin C Injection in order to stimulate the skin to be radiant and aura healthy, strengthen the flexibility of the blood vessels under the skin and the function of internal organs become stronger. Moreover pure vitamin c injection also strengthens the body’s immunity, breaks down melanin pigment activity so as to make the dark spots fade away, and increases the synthesis of collagen under the skin, resulting in flexible skin.

Injection of essential nutrients for the skin helps to replenish the skin, keeps the skin soft and moisture with antioxidants both energizing the body and skin with   Special Nutrients of TMYM, called this program, IV Hydration Cocktail Furthermore there is nutrients that helps the skin clear and fine with antioxidants that helps to restore the skin darkened by the sun returning quickly brighter which is a very popular nutrients  of TMYM Clinic. This program is called IV Drip Brightening Cocktail.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy : Nourishing your skin with your blood.

PRP does not come in a bottle, it is produced by your own body by taking your own blood to spin with the centrifuge to separate the parts of the blood and water from each other so as to get the most complete concentrated platelet by separating the layers into 3 parts: unrelated platelets, white blood cells + platelet concentrations (PRP) and red blood cells .So PRP is processed blood plasma which red blood cells and white blood cells are removed. Amount of blood and time to be blended into the PRP will vary depending  on the type of tool of each manufacturer but finally the amount of PRP obtained must be 5-7 mg.

During blood collection for spinning the doctor will use 18G blunt needle to avoid irritation or damage that may occur at the platelets.In the set,there will be a substance of anticoagulation citrate dextrose-A(ACD-A) in order to prevent blood clotting so as to obtain  platelets which more concentrated than normal platelets in the blood stream, approximately 3-4 times. PRP injections will help to restore skin that is deteriorated by age to be back with collagen and have good flexibility again by injecting the platelets of the patient into the face .

Results of PRP injections  PRP is also used to help recover from surgery faster, useful in bones and tendons treatment, dental operations and other medical surgeries .PRP is usually injected directly into the desired area such as less flexible skin or wound area and  also  injected  at the surface after laser treatments such as Fraxel. The active platelets stimulate the differentiation of stem cells and helps to create flexibility in cells for  example collagen and elastin. This new method helps the cells growing effectively in order to restore the skin to be reborn again.

When PRP is injected into the scalp, making the scalp come back healthy and  build the hair hole cells which will stimulate hair growth, that is the treatment of hair loss and will see the results after 2 weeks of the operation. However the PRP results will take different times for each other. Each PRP treatment will last 1-2 years.

PRP can also be used along with other therapies that will give good feedback such as PRP + laser, PRP + RF, PRP + fat injection. After treatment ,you can  wash your face and take a  bath on the day of receiving PRP treatment since PRP has no affect on daily life. Therefore PRP is one of treatments that is very popular.

Botox Botulinum Toxin : BOTOX

Botox Botulinum Toxin, commonly known as Botox, when the doctors inject  botox into the muscle that is paralyzed for a moment. When the muscles are unable to move or  loosen themselves, the wrinkles which arise from the movement or contraction of the muscles will  disappear.

Botox is considered a top drug which has gained widespread popularity from people around the world, whether women or men and is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic surgeries and the fastest growing economic value. However, because of its popularity, Botulinum Toxin is currently being produced by a variety of brands in different countries like the USA, Japan, Korea, and China while the quality will vary depending on supplier and price. A current concern is the presence of low quality substance, fakes or imitation products on the market or the unstandardized clinics that promote cheap treatments and use counterfeit or low-grade powders. The greatest concern involves users purchasing these products on internet and then injecting themselves. Not only will the treatment not be effective, but there will most likely be side effects from unstable concentration of Botulinum Toxin, which could be less than or exceed the standard.

Whether these drugs are injected with intentions to save costs or through ignorance, the effect may be more serious than one might think. Once it turns bad it takes a long time to wait for restoration. Or, in more serious cases, it will not ever restore to its previous state. So botox injection should be performed in standard clinics and treated by medical professionals only.

Botulinum toxin that has passed through Thailand in the form of powdered in a vacuum bottle When to be used Must be mixed into a liquid in a vacuum bottle only (vacuum-dried vial) FDA does not endorse botulinum toxin. Which is a powder form that is not packed in a vacuum bottle Therefore, if you see the mixing of flour powder outside the vacuum tube,remember that powder mixed outside the vacuum tube is unqualified and could be illegally smuggled for use.


Mesotherapy is a technique that treats uneven skin tone, freckles or dark spots in order to make the skin look radiant by using a small needle  penetrate through the middle skin or the meso layer and bringing multivitamin compounds antioxidant or other skin care substances along with a mixture of cream that is difficult  to absorb and also helps to increase collagen in the skin and to be firm like apple skin.

What does Meso help? Nourishing substances that are injected are beneficial to the skin, helps to brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and  make the face smooth and clear. For the reason that each person’s face is different, mesotherapy is divided into 3 groups as follows.

 1.Focusing on the white face with a mixture of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and E, Transamin and Glutatione.

2.Focusing on a clear face with a mixture of collagen and coenzyme primarily helps to increase the moisture to the skin to flatten, tighten pores.

3.Focus on reducing acne – rash will help reduce inflammation , help to detoxify and reduce acne. Meso, which is famous is  MADE Collagen 

Injection of Meso fat is using the drugs that helps to break down specific fat points such as green tea caffeine extract.

Mesotherapy injection can be found in two techniques :  provoking all over the face and 16-acupuncture point injections on the face  but both of them have different disadvantages.

Meso injection technique

Dip into small spots around the face

Inject according to the blood circulation direction of the lymph nodes

The drug is less effective

The drug acts longer

Less hurt because just gently poke                 

More hurt  more expensive

Injection of mesotherapy in the first month will be injected once a week and then will inject every 2 weeks so as to maintain the results and meso will dissolve completely without any residue in the body. The treatment is obvious to see the results in 3 days after injection, seeing the full effect in about 7-14 days, and can last for about 12 months


Filler is an additive injected into the skin to fill deep grooves or wrinkles. The filler is Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronic Acid – HA) which is a compound of collagen that is present in the skin and facial skin. Collagen is a protein found in our skin that it’s ability is to absorb water, keep moisture to the skin, helps to increase flexibility and firmness to the skin. When age increases, the collagen beneath the face will deteriorate so that our skin will shrink deep down causing various wrinkles. The injection of fillers is adding a structure of the skin to come back to firm again. Filler injection must be done by specialist doctors, usually mark the topical for anesthetic on the face first (however, depending on the recipient of the injection because some points may not need to mark anesthetic.) Then the doctor will inject the filler into the area that needs to replenish the wrinkles or supplement the face and the patients will have only a slight pain .The injection takes time about 15-30 minutes depending on how much the injection is. After that it may be sore or swollen, do not worry because these symptoms will disappear on their own in 1-2 days .The cautions after filler are  having to be avoid heat exposure, such as making a sauna or laser treatment, and if it is necessary to get sunlight, apply sunscreen for protection.

After injection filler you will see a clear change that various wrinkles will fade or the part that needs to be added will stand out and will be more noticeable after about 1 week after the injection, you can do various activities as usual, such as makeup, playing sports, just performing as prescribed by the doctor strictly The results of the filler injection will last under our skin for about 9-12 months.



Nowadays we are closed to more pollution from both the environment and the consumption of vitamin and supplements, which results in inevitable toxic residues in our bodies. Detoxification is a natural process in which our bodies drive toxins out of the body. Whenever the body has much toxins until it is unable to completely eliminate so that there will have a negative effect on the body. Nowadays many countries pay attention to the elimination of toxins in order to help the body return to equilibrium.

  1. Liver detoxification : The liver is a multi-functional organ and important role of the liver plays in the body is detoxification. There is many toxins come from food that we ate everyday and be harmful to our health. The duty of the liver is  detoxifies  through the bile system .The benefits that the liver receives are helping the liver to work more efficiently in the detoxification process. The liver must be used. the glutathione and choline to function normally by using nutrients that are coenzyme, antioxidants or vitamins and some special minerals to accelerate the detoxification process, prevent liver injuries and fat accumulation in the liver that causes fatty liver disease which is essential to detoxify.
  2. Skin Detoxification: It is a detoxification from the body that provides a vascular solution that contains strongest antioxidant to brighten the skin from the inside out.


Acne is caused by skin cells in the pores are divided and abnormal peeling, causing clogging and forming a comedone or possibly bacterial inflammation in the sebaceous glands that often found in people with oily skin. For other reasons may be caused by testosterone levels (also known as androgen) has changed. The sebaceous glands produce more fat. In addition, may be caused by topical drugs such as some types of oral medicine, skin care products or cosmetics as well is a condition in which the pores are clogged and inflamed or sometimes infected (P. Acne), which may result in pain or scarring.

Treatment options: Acne treatment may take several weeks with the following treatment options

Use acne medication,

  • topical drugs like benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A, synthetic antibiotics.
  • Oral medications such as antibiotics, synthetic vitamin .A drugs must be under the supervision of a specialized dermatologist
  • Injections into acne or pustules Intralesional corticosteroids
  • Penetrating or pressing acne It penetrates the acne area so as to get rid of pus and acne head.

 *** For the treatment of TMYM, use the tapping to drain the acne head / pus out in order to cut the cycle of acne like uprooting, shorten the duration of acne inflammation. With the unique technique of TMYM, acne relief faster ,both black marks and hole from the acne are very small and almost no black marks are found. After receiving acne treatment combined with a unique formula will help to prevent new acne as well.

Warning: using the medication as prescribed by the doctor or advice in drug documentation only. You should not unpack or squeeze the acne by yourself because it will easily causes a black mark after  squeezing . Do not get too emotional and stressful. Avoid using products that make oily face. Avoid the sunlight because some drugs may cause skin sensitivity to light ,if this drug is used, apply sunscreen on a daily basis.


Natural Hormone Growth Factor

Growth factor is a naturally occurring substance in the body of all living things.  It is capable of stimulating cellular  growth and cell development .It is a necessary substance  for the survival .At present, the growth factor has been used in Anti-Aging Medicine by extracting growth factor from Placenta.

Placenta is an intermediate between the mother and the fetus ,very important for the growth of the  embryo and  necessary in the development of the fetus , helping for oxygen exchange and various nutrients from mothers to babies .The compounds from Placenta not only contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but also minerals such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nucleic acids. Placenta Growth Factor extracts contribute to the cell renewal process by stimulating new cells and help them to replace old cells in the body effectively

Benefits from growth factor

MEDICAL FUNCTON   Growth Factor contains hormones that help balance hormones in both females and males to work more normally. Therefore it is used to maintain the golden age or menopause (Menopause) and relieve women-specific diseases such as menstrual pain It is used to treat menopausal symptoms (Andropause) that usually occur after 60 years of age,too. The symthoms are emotional irritability, easy to feel, less sensitive, easily irritated, not erectile organs, forgetfulness, insomnia, wrinkled muscles. In addition, substances found in the placenta, called cytokines, also help reduce inflammation, stimulate blood circulation causing the body to receive more blood, nutrients and oxygen that making the strength back to normal. The skin will be bright and firm, wrinkles disappear, accelerate the reaction of skin cells, able to get rid of melanin pigment that causes dull skin caused by UV exposure from sunlight. Various symptoms ,related to the blood vessels in the brain, will be better such as migraine, buzzing ears (Tinnitus), dizziness, swirling house. In addition to the circulatory system, the placenta extract also makes the work of the body’s biochemical system more efficient.

The main benefits of treatment

  • has anti-toxin function Helps the liver function more efficiently
  • Prevent allergies
  • Contribute to the circulatory system
  • Promote the body’s immune system
  • Helps repair tissues in the body
  • Promotes nervous system function
  • Has the effect of reducing inflammation
  • Helps to control blood pressure
  • Helps in muscle fatigue

Pure extract from Placenta helps balance the body in these conditions:

  • Disorders caused by menopause and pain during the menstrual cycle
  • Hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis and diabetes
  • Skin diseases • allergic conjunctivitis • Muscle weakness
  • Helps to recover after injury or illness


Massage science is a good science that has been widely popular for a long time because of helping to relax the pain in the body.  Furthermore the science of Thai traditional massage can also treat the symptoms of musculoskeletal diseases as well. TMYM Clinic has combined Thai, Chinese, and Taiwanese massage techniques to combine into a unique massage formula, including

  1. Face Lifting Massage : Facial massage to lift the face.
  2. Face Relaxing Massage : Facial massage to help relieve tension.
  3. Anti Cellulite Massage : Breaking down cellulite, specific points, including abdomen, upper arms, thighs, hips
  4. Body Massage : Body scrub massage for relaxation and tightening.

Hair removal

Excessive hair removal program that always covers your beautiful skin by using natural extracts and slow the regeneration of hairs causing the new hair become thinner.