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Botox Botulinum Toxin, commonly known as Botox, when the doctors inject  botox into the muscle that is paralyzed for a moment. When the muscles are unable to move or  loosen themselves, the wrinkles which arise from the movement or contraction of the muscles will  disappear.

Botox is considered a top drug which has gained widespread popularity from people around the world, whether women or men and is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic surgeries and the fastest growing economic value. However, because of its popularity, Botulinum Toxin is currently being produced by a variety of brands in different countries like the USA, Japan, Korea, and China while the quality will vary depending on supplier and price. A current concern is the presence of low quality substance, fakes or imitation products on the market or the unstandardized clinics that promote cheap treatments and use counterfeit or low-grade powders. The greatest concern involves users purchasing these products on internet and then injecting themselves. Not only will the treatment not be effective, but there will most likely be side effects from unstable concentration of Botulinum Toxin, which could be less than or exceed the standard.

Whether these drugs are injected with intentions to save costs or through ignorance, the effect may be more serious than one might think. Once it turns bad it takes a long time to wait for restoration. Or, in more serious cases, it will not ever restore to its previous state. So botox injection should be performed in standard clinics and treated by medical professionals only.

Botulinum toxin that has passed through Thailand in the form of powdered in a vacuum bottle When to be used Must be mixed into a liquid in a vacuum bottle only (vacuum-dried vial) FDA does not endorse botulinum toxin. Which is a powder form that is not packed in a vacuum bottle Therefore, if you see the mixing of flour powder outside the vacuum tube,remember that powder mixed outside the vacuum tube is unqualified and could be illegally smuggled for use.

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