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Nowadays we are closed to more pollution from both the environment and the consumption of vitamin and supplements, which results in inevitable toxic residues in our bodies. Detoxification is a natural process in which our bodies drive toxins out of the body. Whenever the body has much toxins until it is unable to completely eliminate so that there will have a negative effect on the body. Nowadays many countries pay attention to the elimination of toxins in order to help the body return to equilibrium.

  1. Liver detoxification : The liver is a multi-functional organ and important role of the liver plays in the body is detoxification. There is many toxins come from food that we ate everyday and be harmful to our health. The duty of the liver is  detoxifies  through the bile system .The benefits that the liver receives are helping the liver to work more efficiently in the detoxification process. The liver must be used. the glutathione and choline to function normally by using nutrients that are coenzyme, antioxidants or vitamins and some special minerals to accelerate the detoxification process, prevent liver injuries and fat accumulation in the liver that causes fatty liver disease which is essential to detoxify.
  2. Skin Detoxification: It is a detoxification from the body that provides a vascular solution that contains strongest antioxidant to brighten the skin from the inside out.

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