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PRP does not come in a bottle, it is produced by your own body by taking your own blood to spin with the centrifuge to separate the parts of the blood and water from each other so as to get the most complete concentrated platelet by separating the layers into 3 parts: unrelated platelets, white blood cells + platelet concentrations (PRP) and red blood cells .So PRP is processed blood plasma which red blood cells and white blood cells are removed. Amount of blood and time to be blended into the PRP will vary depending  on the type of tool of each manufacturer but finally the amount of PRP obtained must be 5-7 mg.

During blood collection for spinning the doctor will use 18G blunt needle to avoid irritation or damage that may occur at the platelets.In the set,there will be a substance of anticoagulation citrate dextrose-A(ACD-A) in order to prevent blood clotting so as to obtain  platelets which more concentrated than normal platelets in the blood stream, approximately 3-4 times. PRP injections will help to restore skin that is deteriorated by age to be back with collagen and have good flexibility again by injecting the platelets of the patient into the face .

Results of PRP injections  PRP is also used to help recover from surgery faster, useful in bones and tendons treatment, dental operations and other medical surgeries .PRP is usually injected directly into the desired area such as less flexible skin or wound area and  also  injected  at the surface after laser treatments such as Fraxel. The active platelets stimulate the differentiation of stem cells and helps to create flexibility in cells for  example collagen and elastin. This new method helps the cells growing effectively in order to restore the skin to be reborn again.

When PRP is injected into the scalp, making the scalp come back healthy and  build the hair hole cells which will stimulate hair growth, that is the treatment of hair loss and will see the results after 2 weeks of the operation. However the PRP results will take different times for each other. Each PRP treatment will last 1-2 years.

PRP can also be used along with other therapies that will give good feedback such as PRP + laser, PRP + RF, PRP + fat injection. After treatment ,you can  wash your face and take a  bath on the day of receiving PRP treatment since PRP has no affect on daily life. Therefore PRP is one of treatments that is very popular.

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